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All About Ms. Patty’s Mommy and Me Music Class

From the moment you decide to attend a mommy and me music class, to the second you step into the room you are signing up for a memorable experience. Most moms never forget their first class. Lifelong friends are made and special connections that cannot be replaced happen here. As a new mommy, you are […]


Transportation Songs and Lesson Plan Ideas

Why do we LOVE transportation songs and themes so much? Because it’s part of our every day lives! We drive our car to the grocery store, we watch the garbage truck pick up our trash, we wait for the train to pass, we ride bicycles around our neighborhood and when we see our big brother […]

Mama in the Now

Mom Bloggers in Palm Beach County, FL

What an amazing world we live in today, with opportunities for anyone who is ambitious and willing to share their views, expertise and research. Yes! I am talking about Mom bloggers. More specifically, our local Palm Beach County, Florida bloggers. From family stories, to recipes, failures, achievements, news, statistics, beauty and more mom bloggers are […]

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